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Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021 15:40

“Using Gladius POS  on 12 bakery venues and our main offices has greatly benefited my business, my managers think it is simple to use and easy for server training purposes. Also, the uptime is amazing because of CMS Softech 24hrs/365 days support team, but if and when a terminal ever does go down, it is easily and entirely replaced.”

“We have featured a customer loyalty program for over seven years. The Sunfresh Bakeries allows
customers to earn credits for enjoying our products. Ultimately members earn discounts etc.
In the old days we used paper books and stamps to administer our bakeries. The system was slow
and required tremendous time and attention from a dedicated employee. With the advent of Gladius Loyalty, the system has been dramatically improved for our staff and customers. The paperwork has been eliminated and administration is very efficient. Gladius Loyalty is a
valuable addition to the Gladius POS system and has helped our bakeries chain to gain and retain a legion of dedicated customers.”

Maria Papare

Sunfresh Bakeries

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